Crockett Co. Sheriff’s department host church security workshop

CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn —  The Crockett County Sheriff’s office is making it their mission to help residents feel protected as they enter their places of worship, with a church security workshop.

It’s a tragic reality that many congregations across the world now face, guns in churches. Local law enforcement provided information Tuesday night about ways to increase security.

A shocking truth many people wouldn’t expect to happen. “I never thought in 60 something years I’d have to go to church with somebody carrying a gun,” Attendee, Calvin Taylor said.

The recent acts of violence around the world, involving churches, lead officers with the Crockett County Sheriff’s department to help provide some feeling of safety through a church security workshop.

“It’s a hot topic these days and people are wanting to get as much information as they can as they try to develop security plans for their churches,” Lt. Roy Mosier said.

The sheriff’s office sent out invitations to every church in Crockett County to attend the event.

“We were concerned about our safety in our church,” Taylor said.

Faith-based leaders learned new ways to maintain security inside and outside their facilities, by building layers of security such as installing surveillance systems, locking doors, or having a doorkeeper.

“Different things that a shooter might have to go through before it can actually try to shoot a church or anywhere that they have as a target,” Lt. Mosier said.

Lt. Mosier said the public should be aware at all times and never turn a blind eye to reality. “You don’t get anywhere by ignoring reality we have to face it and we have to figure out what we’re going to do from here,” Mosier said.

Investigators with the sheriff’s department will come and take a look at your church. Lieutenat Mosier says they’ll make suggestions and point out certain elements that may be helpful when making security plans.

If you would like more information about securing your church, law enforcement say you can call the Crockett County Sheriff’s office and they’ll be more than willing to help. Their number is 731-696-2104.