Local churches in the Hub City kick off holiday weekend services

JACKSON, Tenn. — Holiday services begin at local churches at Love and Truth church kicked off, a north Jackson Christmas.

The service was packed as people sang Christmas carols and lit candles in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Pastor Jason Bentley said the candlelight symbolizes how Jesus is the light of the world and how we should share our blessings with one another. He also said, the feeling of Christmas is something that they try to keep all year long.

“Honestly the feeling that’s happening, that you’re experiencing right now, is the feeling that were enjoying literally every Sunday of the year because we believe that church is meant to be enjoyed, not endured, that church is supposed to be life giving, and not life draining,” said Pastor Jason Bentley.

Pastor Bentley welcomes people to their service tomorrow as a north Jackson Christmas continues, where organizers say there will be a children’s choir.

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