Goodwill donations boom as end of year approaches

JACKSON, Tenn. — “It’s been wonderful this week,” Goodwill Operations Training Coach Sandra Hickey said. “Our community has really come out to support us.”

It’s out with the old and in with the new as the new year approaches, and Goodwill is getting a lot of the “old” in the form of donations.

“We are all hands on deck,” Hickey said. “We have plenty of staff to assist.”

Employees say they’re seeing as much as three times the donations this week compared to the rest of the year.

Another reason for the influx of donations is that people want to get a tax break before the new year.

Every time they hear the bell ring, attendants rush out to get donations from generous people all over Jackson.

Among those donating was Vikki Sterling. She says anytime she has something she can’t use anymore, she brings it to Goodwill.

“I bring stuff by here probably once a month all year long,” Sterling said. “I try to keep stuff cleaned out so I don’t hoard too badly.”

And donating to Goodwill doesn’t just benefit the store.

“When you donate, we will give you a 10 percent off coupon, so when you come back to our store you can get that 10 percent off when you shop,” Hickey said.

Employees say they will take just about anything, and anything they can’t sell they will recycle.

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