New year brings new jobs to Milan; company announces expansion

MILAN, Tenn. — More jobs are coming to West Tennessee in the new year.

Residents in Gibson county are learning a local company is building a new facility in Milan.

With the expansion of a company in the heart of town, comes a decision that affects the whole city.

“It’s a ripple effect, more retail picks up sales off of people that are employed, so the whole community benefits,” Milan mayor B.W. Beasley said.

Beasley said Escue Wood Treated products is investing more than 3 million dollars by building a new manufacturing facility on Telecom Drive.

The pressure treated wood company is expected to bring 100 jobs to Gibson county over a period of five years.

Beasley says the company ships lumber all over the united the states, and the company is family owned.

“Mr. Escue had experience in the business and this is a lifelong dream of his,” he said. “Him and his son are in the business now.”

Those in the area say it will benefit more than just the economy in Milan.

“It affects virtually everything that happens in this part of West Tennessee,” Wes Youmans, who lives in the area, said.

Mayor Beasley said these new jobs are not only beneficial for West Tennessee, but also for hometown business owners.

“The Escue’s are a big part of our community, they give back and were excited to have them,” he said. “It’s always exciting when you see hometown people success in business.”

Mayor Beasley said the company expects to open with 25 jobs during their first year of business and they expect to increase to 100 jobs over the next 5 years.

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