As temperature drops, don’t forget your pets

JACKSON, Tenn. — As West Tennessee sees howling cold temperatures, experts encourage pet owners to keep them safe.

“Like we hear all the time, the best place to keep your pet is inside,” Director of Jackson Animal Care Center Harry Henry said.

Henry says there are laws to protect animals staying outside.

“They’ve got to be in an enclosure, which is defined by law as having three sides plus a roof,” Henry said.

He says insulation is key.

“It’s best in this type of weather to have some type of insulation — hay, wood chips, cedar chips or blankets,” Henry said.

“Animals that cannot be kept under cover, you’ve got to make sure their water is not frozen and their food is not frozen,” veterinarian Cindy Schmidt said.

Schmidt says to make sure you wrap up your animals before taking them outside.

“Frostbite would be a concern to the ears, to the nose and the pads for the animals out there in those conditions,” Schmidt said.

“We have a lot of pit bulls around Jackson, and those are the types of animals you need to keep inside, and cats too,” Henry said.

Just because they don’t tell you, that doesn’t mean they aren’t suffering.

“Be sure to watch them very, very carefully, because they are known to hide any kind of discomfort or paint they might be suffering,” Henry said.

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