Active duty marines promoted during special ceremony

JACKSON, Tenn — Three active duty marines were pinned and promoted Saturday by a World War II veteran.

The promotion ceremony took place at the Jackson Chamber. Carl Jones, a World War II vet, is a member of the Captain Jack Holland Marine Corps League. Two of the marines were promoted to staff sergeant and the third was promoted to gunnery sergeant.

One marine describes what the promotion means for him. “Been a long road coming to get this far, but its a good setup and good way to make sure I am able to take care of my family and stuff like that,” Sgt. Christopher Mainville, Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant said.

The marines say the new ranks will help them inspire younger marines and hold them to higher standards. Officials say if you are interested in becoming a marine to visit the recruiting office on 1000 Vann Drive #K Jackson, TN.

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