Tennesseans watch as the Titans win their first playoff game of the season

JACKSON, Tenn. — The first playoff games kicked off this Saturday, and the match between the Titans and the Kansas City Chiefs was a big deal for Tennessee fans.

“You know, one game; you win you move on. You lose, you’re out,” said Titans fan, Sam Chung.

“Yeah, watched the NFL network, watched the pregame special, been watching that all day,” said Shayne Summar, also a Titans fan.

We talked to Titans supporters who took to a local pub to watch the big game; the first time the Titans have been in the playoffs since 2008.

“We’re excited because anytime we watch NFL playoffs, it’s like our Christmas,” Chung said. “It’s like, great times.”

“They’ve done a lot better this year than they have in the past, so we’re really proud of them,” said Titans supporter, Laura Vandiver.

At the start of the half, it didn’t look good for the two toned blue, down by 18.

“If we get too far behind, I think we’ll have a hard time, because we’re not a real good team for coming back from behind, so hopefully we do better, Chung said.

But every fan had their own game plan as to what they need to do to get back in the game.

Win or lose, Titans supporters we spoke with seemed to be enjoying themselves, and were determined to stay positive until the end.

“It’s not going so well right now, but we’re still hopeful,” said Vandiver. “It’s not over until it’s over right?”

And it is over for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Tennessee Titans, coming through in the clutch with a close, close final score of 22 to 21. The two toned blue and their fans will need to wait until Sunday however, to know their next playoff opponent. The teams being re-seeded after this first wild card round. So basically it’s up to the Bills and the Jaguars to decide the Titans’ fate.

If the Bills win, the Titans will play the Patriots. If the Jaguars win, the Titans will be taking on the Steelers.

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