Drivers enjoy Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland for light show’s final night

JACKSON, Tenn. — 2.2 million lights, that’s how many event directors say was included in the 1.5 miles that made up Shadrack’s Wonderland, but all good things must come to an end. We spoke to event organizers about how the show did for its first season here in Jackson.

The sights and sounds of Shadrack’s Wonderland has certainly put a smile on many faces this season.

“I think it is beautiful,” said light show attendee Lori Pusser.

“There’s nothing like it in Jackson, or really close by, and we always enjoy looking at Christmas lights so,” said Katie Roberts, who was attending the display for her second time.

This is the first year the company has brought their elaborate light show to Jackson, and representatives say since opening day in late November, it has been a complete success.

“It took off. It kind of gradually inclined. Next thing you know we’re having 800/900 cars a night, so it’s really, really incredible,” said Kenny Burkett, Light Show Production Manager for Shadrack’s Wonderland.

Burkett says he noticed many families coming back three or even four times.

“That’s how amazing it is. Once you get in the show, and the music starts playing, and the lights start popping, it starts dancing; it’s really magical,” Burkett said. “It really, really is.”

A production crowd pleaser seemed to be the element of music.

“Tell me how it makes you feel driving through,” asked WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Reporter Amanda Gerry.
“It makes me want to move a little bit,” said light show attendee Paul Camper as he moved to the music.

“We have 10 Christmas songs that are synchronized to the lights, and what it does is, it makes the lights bounce,” said Burkett. “It makes them dance. That’s what brings it to life.”

“The way the lights and the music are in tune with each other; it just makes it fun,” Pusser said.

Even though some folks hope their Christmas spirit lasts all year round, these lights danced for their last time for the season Sunday night.

“I told the girls to enjoy it because it’ll be another year before they get to see it again,” said Pusser.

Shadrack representatives say if you missed the light show this year, you’re in luck. They say they have a six year contract with the Ball Park at Jackson and are scheduled to be back again next year.

Organizers say even though it will be similar, the light show next year is scheduled to have different features along with several upgrades; definitely something to look forward to.

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