Brownsville police urge people to come forward after 19-year-old shot, killed

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — “There’s someone out there that knows what happened,” Brownsville Assistant Police Chief Kelvin Evans said.

The Brownsville Police Department asks the community to come forward with information after a 19-year-old was killed Saturday.

“It wasn’t a drive-by, but what we do know is that it was an ambush-style shooting,” Evans said.

Kentavious Wilson was gunned down Saturday morning while in his car on Coach Street in Brownsville.

“Everyone in Brownsville knew this young man. He was a very quiet and respectful young man,” Evans said.

Police say the car was hit with several rounds, too many to count at this point.

Also inside the car were three other people who officials say were not injured.

“People are calling. We just haven’t gotten the right information yet,” Evans said.

Evans says his team of investigators are working around the clock trying to find who was behind the murder.

Police are looking over hours of surveillance footage from nearby cameras trying to see if there are any clues.

“Starting the year off with murder, it’s a heavy feeling,” Brownsville Mayor Bill Rawls said.

Rawls says it’s a crime hitting close to home.

“This shooting is walking distance from my house where my kids are, and it’s just unsettling,” Rawls said.

He says a neighborhood is devastated over the loss of a recent high school graduate and college student.

Although upset, no one is hurting more than Wilson’s mother, and officials say she’s willing to do what most aren’t.

“She is willing to forgive. I know that’s hard coming out of a mother’s mouth, but she is willing to forgive whoever killed her son. But she wants justice. That’s all she wants,” Evans said.

There is currently a reward out for anyone with information leading to an arrest. Officials say they are currently looking at raising the amount.

Anyone with information is urged to call 731-772-CASH. You can remain anonymous.

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