Mild And Foggy Today

Weather Update:

Another gray and damp day on the way for West Tennessee. It will be a similar day to yesterday, though it will be considerably warmer. Winds will continue out of the south ahead of the developing cold front. Gradually increasing moisture will provide light drizzle of showers at times today. Having an umbrella wouldn’t hurt.

Thursday, a strong cold front will bring more organized rain into the region. Behind the arctic front temperatures will plummet through the 50s and 40s into the 30s Friday morning. Depending on how fast this occurs travel will become impacted as icing issues will begin with freezing rain below 32°, Then as the freezing layer grows with time, changing precipitation to sleet then snow. Latest guidance however has been trending faster and more progressive, which doesn’t allow for much ice accretion or snow accumulation. European model for example brings an end to all precipitation by 6:00 PM on Friday evening, The American GFS model, only follows by a couple hour, however similarly progressive. Another trend, due to the speed of the storms has been a lowering of total accumulations overall. new data will be coming in through the afternoon. I’ll have a full forecast update coming up on ABC 7 Midday at 11:30 AM and Noon on CBS.

Storm Team Meteorologist
Moe Shamell
Twitter: @wbbj7moe

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