Selmer residents make the best out of the snow and ice

SELMER, Tenn.– “Well, started out the day with work, but it got canceled so I’m gonna do my best to make the best of it,” Alex Melton, a Selmer resident, said.

And the way Melton plans on making the best of the day is burning a full tank of gas in his Razor.

“I’ve got an all-wheel drive vehicle and I was ditch to ditch,” Melton said.

Chad Howell lives in Selmer but works in Jackson.
He says due to all the snow and ice he stayed home.

“So we just came out here to get a few essentials and run back to the house,” Howell said.

Even the Post Master in Selmer was out in the sleet.

“We were able to get the carriers out and we’re gonna make all the stops today,” Tom Hamilton, the Selmer Post Master, said.

Hamilton has been with the post office for 52 years and says he hasn’t seen weather like this in several years.

One woman who was headed to the doctor said she had to pull over on the side of the road to scrape the ice off of her car before she could keep driving.

Police say if you do have to be out, be careful.

“Have a lot of caution on your driving, watch yourself and the others,” Sgt. Tony Westbrooks with the Selmer Police Department said.  “Be very careful because the roads are very slick.”

Selmer police say they responded to several wrecks Friday morning, but no injuries were reported.

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