SNOW DAY: Parents talk outdoor activities for kids

JACKSON, Tenn. — When school districts close for winter weather, parents scramble to find activities to keep their kids entertained.

The second wave of snowfall across West Tennessee has led to more snow days for the kids. School is out, roads are covered and parents are trying to figure out what to do with the little ones at home.

“Cooking and cleaning and wiping up footprints,” parent Ellen Bennett said. “It’s been nice having everybody at home, but it’s kind of tripled my workload.”

Some parents hit the hills for a snow-day activity that never seems to go out of style — sledding. “Been about 30 minutes and I feel like it’s been a couple hours,” parent Jessica Franks said.

Another parent, Kristmar Vincent said, “We’ve gone to the Montessori school and gone sledding twice.”

“It’s been fun. She’s had a blast,” Franks said after a day of sledding. “It’s been worth every minute of it even though I can’t feel my fingers and my toes.”

And if sledding isn’t your thing, why not build a snowman?

As you try to keep your children entertained, some parents say it’s OK to spend some time apart.

“To be able to take a break from each other is sometimes a good thing just to kind of keep your sanity,” Bennett said. “And know that this too shall past and this will thaw and everyone will go their separate ways.”

After making snow angels, building snowmen and having snowball fights, the best part can be going back inside where it is warm.

“Staying inside has been the joy for me and seeing them enjoy themselves in the snow,” Vincent said.

Bennett said, “The key to it all is to just enjoy them.”

As for the next snow day, Franks said, “We’re going to be inside and watching movies, playing some board games. She’s got a couple things she wants to do, build and make, so we’ll be staying warm inside in the pajamas.”

If you do choose to participate in outdoor activities, many parents suggest giving the kids a snack first and of course to make sure you bundle up.

Parents told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News they have enjoyed spending time with their kids during the snow days, but many are hoping the cold weather lets up soon.

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