Emergency responders urge you to watch for falling ice

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn.–After dealing with snowy and icy conditions all week, forecasters say the area will finally start to warm up going into the weekend.

The warm-up also means you need to stay cautious about other hazards, such as falling ice. Icicles on the edge of buildings and homes can be dangerous as they start to melt and slide off.

The sharp, hard surfaces can cause serious injury to someone who may not be aware of them.

“I mean, you just have to be careful. A lot of times you’ll see it as it starts sliding off. You’ll start seeing come off the edge of the roof and just avoid those areas where that’s happening. Use another means of getting out of the house. Another door or another walkway something out from under that ice,” said Madison County Fire Chief Eric Turner.

Chief Turner said he is thankful they have not had to respond to any ice related emergencies so far.


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