Jackson Beer Board hands out fines

JACKSON, Tenn.– The Jackson beer board met today to discuss several convenience stores accused of selling alcohol to underage customers.

“To have consequences for those who don’t put in place technology or the people to do it [sell alcohol] safely,” Lewis Cobb said about the purpose for the Jackson Beer Board.

The Jackson Beer Board handed out several fines on Thursday.

“They come in and we explain to them what we think happened and we ask them why it happened,” Cobb said.

Representatives from the Quick Stop, Super Way and Regan’s Fuel Mart on Airways Boulevard were given seven days to pay a $1,500 fine or their licenses’ will be suspended for 30 days.

Mark Donahoe represents the Mega Mart on Highway 70 and says the employee that sold the beer just made a mistake.

“The owners of the business immediately terminated that employee and put in place safeguards to make sure that doesn’t happen again,” Donahoe said.

The owner and a manager from the Old Medina Market also went in front of the beer board.

This was their third offense since 2011, the most recent coming in December of 2017.

Their license was suspended for 15 days.

Representatives from the Goldline Gas Station on the Highway 45 bypass appeared in front of the board for the third time.

Their alcohol license has been suspended for one year.

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