Jury returns verdict in 2015 crash injuring motorcycle driver

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — Tears built up in the eyes of Mike Doss in a Humboldt court room, Thursday, as the jury returned a verdict, convicting a man accused of hitting him on a motorcycle in July 2015.

“And I hit head first, and the motorcycle landed on top of my head, and it was so heavy it had to be pulled off by two men,” said crash victim Mike Doss.

But Doss was not the only one on the motorcycle at the time. Riding with him was his then 9- year-old neighbor, Paige, who testified in court Wednesday.

“I cried. I couldn’t hardly stand to…I wanted to hold her, you know, but I can’t talk to her. I shook her father’s hand though,” said defendant Dwayne Brasfield.

Brasfield, who was the driver of the truck, says he admits to fleeing the seen of the accident.

“I panicked. When I hit the motorcycle, I thought I had killed those people, and that’s why I left and went home and contemplated suicide,” Brasfield said.

A jury found Brasfield guilty of eight charges in court today including two counts reckless aggravated assault, leaving the scene of an accident, and failure to give information or render aid.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Highway 187 and 70-79. Both parties say even though it happened over two years ago, it is something they’ll never forget.

“I do. I forgive him, but a lot of pain and suffering, I still go through, and I will go through for the rest of my life,” said Doss.

“Accidents happen, but as long as they forgive me, God’s forgiven me,” Brasfield said, “and I feel much better now.”

Doss said his neighbor, Paige badly injured her knee in the crash, but has recovered.

Brasfield is scheduled to return to court for sentencing on March 2. He is currently free on a $50,000 bond.

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