Late afternoon house fire causes minimal damage to house

FRIENDSHIP, Tenn.–The Friendship Fire Department said they responded to a kitchen fire on Blue Bird Road around 5:30 p.m., Friday.

Chief Casey Burnett of the Friendship Fire Department said the fire started from a heater the homeowner was using to thaw his pipes.
He said the blaze started in under the kitchen cabinets. When it got too hot, the fire went up a portion of the wall and into the attic.

“(Of) course, people are trying to thaw things out now and they use space heaters. Some of them use what they call a ‘torpedo heater’ and the main thing is if you’re using one of them, don’t get it too close,” said Chief Burnett.

Chief Burnett said he and his team were able to contain the fire within 30 minutes. He said there was minimal damage to the home, and no one inside was injured.


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