West Tennessee schools prepare for students’ return

MILAN, Tenn. — The winter weather caused schools in West Tennessee to close for a week.

Jonathan Criswell is the Director of Schools for the Milan Special School District and says safety is their number one concern with students coming back.

“We’ll make sure the driveways are clear and the walkways are clear,” Criswell said.  “That all the heat is working and is on and it’s comfortable for our students to return.”

Criswell says they’ll also make sure the students know the teachers are happy to see them again.

“Check on them, make sure they had a good time out, see if there are any needs that have arisen over the snow break,” Criswell said.

Then they’ll get back to the academics. In Henderson County, they’ve been checking on the buildings all week.

“We’ve been in our buildings every day this week,” Steven Wilkinson, Director of Schools for Henderson County, said.  “Central Office is working, just trying to tie up loose ends and make sure our buses will crank and hopefully come Monday we’ll be good to go.”

Back here in Jackson-Madison County the bus depot is alive with buses starting up all over, making sure they’ll be able to pick up students Monday morning.

“We got the buses cranked up, we’re going in and out of the schools, trying to be as vigilant as possible,” Ray Washington, JMCSS Chief Operating Officer, said. “Making sure the heat and everything is working properly.”

Officials also checked on schools they usually have problems with to make sure everything is working.

School leaders met at the Board of Education Friday morning.

“We’re meeting with principles today to go over some priorities and things we really want to put an emphasis on when we start back on Monday,” Jared Myracle, JMCSS Chief Academic Officer, said.

Myracle says that Monday will be a day to review and get students back on a schedule.

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