Winter conditions take a toll on vehicles across West Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. — Unsurprisingly, experts say the recent snow and ice covered roads have been a strain on vehicles this past week.

“This came to us today actually. This is a tie rod end, and it’s a very important part of the steering linage of your vehicle,” said Brian Johnson, sales manager at Golden Circle Tire Pros, “and a lady had slid into a curb and brought it into us today, and when we looked at it, this piece is bent and she didn’t even know it was that bad.”

So the pros filled WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Reporter Amanda Gerry in on the biggest problems drivers are dealing with this winter. She asked them why her windshield wiper fluid was not working even though the container was full.

“They make different types of fluid for different seasons. This time of the year naturally, you want the cold weather washer fluid for your windows so it doesn’t freeze on you,” Johnson said.

How about driving down certain roads where drivers feel like they are bumping back and forth between ice. Isn’t that damaging your tires?

“If it’s something that happens just when you’re going over ice or anything like that, and it’s not doing it when you’re on a straight clean road,” said Herbert Asher, technician at Golden Circle Tire Pros, “it’s probably nothing to worry about.”

Local mechanics also say cold weather is especially harsh on batteries.

“It sounds like it’s weak or it’s dragging as it tries to start, and then finally maybe it starts, but that’s an indication that the power in the battery is starting to diminish,” Johnson said.

Golden Circle Tire Pros remind drivers to wash the salt from their vehicles as soon as possible, and not just from the front and the sides, but from underneath as well.

“If you go to a drive through car wash, most of them now offer an undercarriage cleaner,” said the sales manager, “which actually sprays a cleaner under your car as you drive over it.”

Another tip; pay close attention to your tire pressure.

Car experts said if you have any concerns about the condition or safety of your vehicle, they recommend you take it to a local auto repair shop for an inspection.

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