Authorities continue to search Tennessee River for missing Ohio woman

BENTON COUNTY, Tenn. — The calm of Kentucky Lake Friday evening makes it hard to believe that somewhere in there could be the body of missing 70-year-old Roberta Snider.

“We do know that some of the facts are correct, but we don’t know exactly how much,” said Sheriff Kenny Christopher of Benton County.

It all started earlier this month when Roberta and her husband Philip decided to take a trip to Graceland. Philip says somewhere in Kentucky, Roberta died of cancer.

“He then took her from inside the truck and placed her into the bed of his truck where he has a small topper type thing on the back to cover it,” Sheriff Christopher said.

Authorities say Philip arrived at Graceland with his wife still dead in his truck bed. Philip then says on his way back to Ohio, he made a stop in Benton County.

“He had placed his wife’s body into two black, large garbage bags, and he cinched them down as tight as they would go, and he got on the river bridge over there,” said the sheriff, “and put her over the bridge when there was no traffic coming.”

Why would Snider do something like this? He says he has his reasons.

“He felt like he didn’t want her to go like that. He thought that it was much better that he put her into the river and let nature take its course,” explained Sheriff Christopher.

The sheriff says a polygraph given by investigators, in Ohio, to Philip earlier this week indicated he was telling the truth about what happened that morning on the bridge.

Sheriff Christopher says he and his team have been searching for the body of Roberta Snider in and around Kentucky Lake for almost two weeks now, but he says they have no plans on giving up.

“When I get with the barge companies, I’m going to ask them to have the riverboat captains, or anybody else who is out on the river, if they would just be watching,” Sheriff Christopher said.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Department says if anyone on the Tennessee River from Benton County to the Kentucky Dam sees anything suspicious, to call them at 731-584-4632.

Sheriff Christopher says the FBI is involved in this investigation. He says until the body of Roberta Snider is found and Philip Snider’s story is confirmed, no charges have been filed against him in either Ohio or Tennessee.