The Crystal Ball raises thousands for the Jackson Symphony

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson Symphony, if you’ve ever been to one of their performances you can probably close your eyes and remember how they took you to a world of notes and keys. This is why event organizers at the 17th annual Crystal Ball Saturday evening, remind us how important it is to have them as a part of our community.

“It’s unexplainable. You have to come to really enjoy it,” said ball attendee Byron Deberry.

Jackson residents say the symphony helps make the Hub City what it is, so they were excited to come support it at the annual Crystal Ball.

“Music is so, it just speaks to your inner soul,” said Leonie Hefley, president of the Jackson Symphony League.

“It’s an important event because it supports the symphony, and the symphony of course brings arts to our community and into the schools,” said Shawn Daly, attending the event.

The fundraiser included dinner, The Downtown Band…

“They are going to be wonderful,” Hefley said. “We’re going to dance the night away.”

…and live and silent auctions.

“We’ve got an African safari, Indy 500 tickets, tickets to the Atlanta Braves, just all kinds of things,” described Hefley.

The Jackson Symphony also plays an important role in the community, playing therapeutic music for patients in local hospitals.

“There’s many wonderful testimony about that,” Hefley said “and how it has made such a huge impact on peoples lives.”

They also treat members of the Boys and Girls Club to performances and allow students to watch as they prepare for a show.

“That’s a good thing for the kids to see, that it’s just not, pull out the instruments and play a grand piece of music; that it takes a lot of practice,” said ball attendee Cindy Daly.

Most guests at the ball had one important message.

“We love the Jackson Symphony, and we’re proud to have it here in Jackson,” Shawn Daly said.

Event organizers say the Crystal Ball is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Jackson Symphony. They say they are hoping to raise around $60,000 from the event Saturday night.

Representatives say their next performance will be the Valentine Pops in February. If you are interested in buying tickets or learning more about the Jackson Symphony, you can visit their website at

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