Church brings people of all backgrounds together at reconciliation service

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local church brings people of all backgrounds together to celebrate unity in song and praise.

It’s a service that comes and goes every year at Northside Assembly, but the meaning behind the songs and scripture never grows old for Drew Hawkins.

“We just try to invite anybody and everybody from the city to just be unified in the Lord,” he said.

It’s reconciliation Sunday: a  time for members to open their hearts and celebrate their differences.

“God talks about it all the time in the bible, Jesus talks about it and says we need to work for unity, work for peace,” Hawkins said.

But the service isn’t just for members.

Hawkins says the church advertised the service for weeks and opened it’s doors to anyone in the community.

“We’ve seen faces we’ve never seen before, and that’s exciting for us,” Hawkins said.

Carissa Beck is part of the Northside’s youth worship team.

She says church should be a judgment free zone where people can feel safe to worship.

“It’s something that’s divided our country for hundreds of years, and that’s not something that should be dividing our church,” Beck said.

Both Beck and Hawkins agree reconciliation isn’t only important in our everyday relationships, but with God too.

“We want people to know that they are loved by God, and we can be unified in Christ and be unified of the city especially in Jackson,” Hawkins said.

“We pray that for Jackson, so that’s what the service is all about.”

Dr. Logan Hampton, the president of Lane College, spoke during the service and Madison Academic School choir sang for the crowd.