TCA Lions hope to get hot at the right time

JACKSON, Tenn. — The TCA Lions will host the district and region tournaments starting in two weeks. But they also happen to play in one of the toughest districts there is for high school basketball in West Tennessee. Filled with teams like Peabody, Middleton and Humboldt, the Lions know the path to the top will be hard. But head coach Ken Northcut said with his team hosting the tournament, all it takes is clicking at the right time.

“That is how it is in March Madness with some of the college teams you know, they get hot at the right times and that is what is a timing situation,” Northcut said.  “Right now, our focus these last two weeks is just trying to get better at the little things because if you do the little things, the big things will be available for you to cash in on.”

Up next the team will hit the road to take on Middleton which also happens to be a district game.