Union’s Lady Bulldogs rebound in major way after a disappointing last season

JACKSON, Tenn. — Mark Campbell has been the head coach of the Union University Lady Bulldogs for 19 seasons. Last year was the first time they failed to make it to a postseason tournament under his leadership.

“It was a mix between disappointment then also putting work back into it,” Campbell said.

Instead of hanging their heads and pointing fingers, the team just starting grinding.

“Last year wasn’t so good, so we knew we had to come back this year and turn it around, all the way around,” guard Jada Perkins said.

The first thing they did was established trust.

“Well, I think it’s building relationships,” Campbell said. “You build trust, and when you build trust you really bring out the best in other people.”

That it did. They’ve won 15 games in a row with no plans on slowing down.

“Oh no, definitely not,” transfer guard Chelsey Shumpert said.

But even with a 20-1 record, Coach Campbell isn’t shy about calling his team out.

“They’re hearing me daily,” Campbell said. “Not necessarily compliment them on the things they do well, but be able to point out, for the benefit of the team, how they can get better.”

The Lady Bulldogs hold each other accountable — a key formula for successful teams.

“We want a team that’s gifts that make other people’s gifts better,” Campbell said.

“We have so much talent, and it’s not like we’re just depending on one person,” Perkins said.

Moving forward, the team has one goal — finish on top. And they think they have the recipe to get it done.

“Just create a good atmosphere, bring energy every night and just create a bond that will last forever,” Shumpert said.