Historic school in danger of being partially demolished

TRENTON, Tenn. — A building from the 1800’s is in danger of being partially demolished.

Representatives from the State Building Commission took a tour of what use to be Rosenwald School in Trenton Friday, to see what condition it is in.

While residents from the community visited the school, in the hopes of keeping it.

Former graduate Hollis Skinner says the building is an important part of the town’s history.

The building was built back in 1853, with the last class graduating from Rosenwald School in 1968.

Residents hope the building can be used to benefit the community.

“We want to keep this building. It’s a very historic building and there is a lot of need for space. The building’s in good condition, it’s sound. It just hasn’t been maintained over the years,” Skinner said.

A report will be taken back to the State Building Commission, where the buildings fate will be decided.

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