Humboldt Fire Department says new drone will help save lives

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — What’s that in the Gibson County sky? It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s a drone!

“One of our friends at American Woodmart, we were talking about different things that could go into the department,” Humboldt Fire Chief Chester Owens said.

Owens says the drone was a gift to the city fire department last year and is already being used to save lives across Gibson County.

“We had an incident six months ago, pretty serious incident, where we used the drone for aerial evaluations,” Owens said.

The drone has a range of two miles and a battery life of over 30 minutes. It even comes with a special sensor.

“The sensor is called thermal energy, and it even works in water. It can find people in water,” Owens said. 

Owens said they’ve used the drone several times to help find missing people.

“We have three or four nursing homes here, and on occasion we have people that get lost, and it makes it more accessible to find people faster,” Owens said.

Chief Owens says the state has even borrowed their drone for rescues.

It’s a piece of equipment he says will make the city soar above and beyond, saving lives.