Committee meets to discuss liquor store district zones

JACKSON, Tenn. — A sub-committee met Thursday to discuss liquor store district zones in the city of Jackson.

The committee met at City Hall to discuss the new liquor ordinance, which would involve expanding one of the six district zones to give store owners more options to expand within that district.

Some want the lines taken away altogether.

City Councilman Johnny Dodd says he does not agree with getting rid of the zoning lines.

“If you open the market up till you have a wide open market, you basically hurt the 12 owners we do have here,” Dodd said. “Some big company can come in and basically wipe them out, and that wouldn’t be fair to the 12 owners we have in our community.”

Dodd says anyone can make their case in front of the full board for rezoning.

The new liquor ordinance is expected to be voted on at the next City Council meeting.

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