Karl Dean, candidate for governor, makes stop in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn.–Karl Dean, former Nashville mayor and current Democratic gubernatorial candidate made a stop in Jackson, Thursday night at the Madison County Democratic Party meeting.

Dean spoke on his past experience and education and how they would make him an ideal candidate for governor.
Dean has served as the public defender and director of law for Nashville before he became the city’s mayor from 2007 to 2015.

He says the top three issues in the state are public education, economic opportunity and development and health care.

“I’m not hung up and ideology and party labels. I think what people want is somebody whose going to move the state forward and answer the concerns of the citizens and just make Tennessee a better place to live. That’s what I tried to do in Nashville. That’s what I want to do for the whole state,” said Dean.

Dean said the next stop on the campaign trail is in Memphis, Friday.