Out sick: How do school leaders decide when to cancel class?

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — With a record number of students and teachers out sick, how do officials decide when to close schools?

“We don’t necessarily have a policy in place,” Jackson-Madison County Schools Superintendent Dr. Eric Jones said. “But it’s something we are definitely monitoring closely.”

Jones says the school wellness nurse is out at schools checking on students, and they’re keeping a close eye on attendance numbers.

“We’re also taking extra precaution with our custodial crews to make sure we are wiping down after every block and also in the evenings when the students are out of the building,” Dr. Jones said.

Jackson Christian School did close their Early Learning Village and elementary school for the rest of the week on Thursday due to illness.

The CDC says there are several ways to keep your school-age kids healthy. Stay home when you’re sick, and have them avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth.

“We also encourage parents that if their children have temperatures or are showing any sign of sickness, keep them at home,” Jones said.

Dr. Jones says to keep them at home until they are fully recovered.

Thursday afternoon, Jackson-Madison County school officials made the decision to close Rose Hill Middle School Friday due to teacher and student illness.

We also spoke with the director of the Gibson County Special School District. He says they haven’t closed any schools either, but they have been deep-cleaning their schools since last week to keep germs at a minimum.

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