UT Martin holds their first town hall meeting

MARTIN, Tenn. — Guests took the mic Thursday evening at the first ever University of Tennessee Martin Town Hall meeting.

“I love to be involved, and I love to know what’s going on around campus, and the town hall meeting was a great way to just stay updated with everything that Dr. Carver is working on and the university administration has been working on,” said Daniel Jones, Junior at UT Martin.

Students, alumni, members the community, and local government officials came to ask questions and listen in to the open forum.

“I thought the questions centered on enrollment, governance, recruitment strategies, budgets; so areas I think that people would be very concerned with came up,” said Dr. Keith Carver, chancellor at UT Martin.

Jones said he asked about the upcoming academic affairs provost selection process.

“There’s lots and lots of different parts of the academic process, and the best way for them to get feedback is from the students,” said Jones.

Another important issue was the economic impact the university has on the community.

“Northwest Tennessee is kind of known for being one of the more poorer areas of Tennessee,” said Jones, “and so it’s always a question that comes up as to how UT Martin affects that and how we can help with that.”

Dr. Carver said the discussion, which was broadcast live, allowed viewers to email him with questions. Both students and the chancellor say they enjoyed the opportunity they had and are hoping to participate again in the future.

“I would definitely come because you never know what questions are going to be asked, and it’s always exciting to see that,” Jones said.

Students we spoke with say they were surprised at the turnout this evening. Dr. Carver said he plans on holding another town hall meeting around this time next year.

Regarding the recent interviews of the four academic affairs provost candidates, Dr. Carver said he hopes to make a selection in the next couple of weeks.