Teachers help clean school in wake of sicknesses at Hollow Rock-Bruceton

BRUCETON, Tenn. — Teachers were at Hollow Rock-Bruceton Central High School Friday morning, but not to teach students.

‘Today they’re cleaning their classrooms, wiping everything down with bleach,” Superintendent David Duncan said.

There are 644 students at the school. By the end of the day Tuesday, 20 percent of them were at home sick. That comes out to almost 130 students.

“There was a backup for even parents to get in and pick their kids up,” Duncan said.

Each teacher was given a red bucket with bleach water and had to wipe down everything in their classrooms. Teachers were buddying up to help each other clean.

Teachers were even scrubbing the walls of the hallways getting ready for the students to come back Monday.

But, they weren’t there just to clean.

“When the teachers get done, we’re going to spend some time doing some in-service on writing,” Duncan said.

The janitorial staff has been in the school every day this week to help clean as well.

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