The Rev. Jesse Jackson visits the Hub City

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Rev. Jesse Jackson, a renowned civil rights and social justice leader, visited Jackson Monday, speaking at Lane College and at Light of Life Ministries.

“I felt a sense of unity looking out in the audience, as sea of people, not only the politicians, dignitaries and the pastors, but people in the community,” said spokesperson for Light of Life Ministries Camille Shavon. “They wanted to come and hear what he had to say.”

Jackson spoke to students and student leaders at Lane College on the importance of earning a quality education and knowing about their voter rights.

“Raise wages for working people,” Jackson said. “When you get out there, you may be able to have a good employment and get you a livable wage. The second part has to do with voting. It’s a form of power.”

Shavon said this was a great time to capture students’ attention about current issues.

“We have to start at the ground roots, which is our youth, and educate them, because they are our tomorrow,” Shavon said.

For his decades-long work in civil rights and social justice, Jackson was also awarded a key to the city.

“It’s extraordinary to have a figure like Reverend Jesse Jackson come into our community, our small community. It gives people hope,” Shavon said.

From voters’ rights to the overall state of our nation, Jackson said he wants to make an appeal to the community in general.

“Nobody has the right to speak much and do less than their best,” Jackson said. “My vote matters.”

Jackson has already visited other locations in West Tennessee, including Memphis on Sunday. His speeches also focus on poverty, health care and education funding.

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