Jackson Symphony partners with UT Martin students for performance

JACKSON, Tenn. — Students from the University of Tennessee at Martin joined the Jackson Symphony Tuesday at the Jackson-Madison County Library for a special 25-minute performance for children.

“The Magic Flute” is a combination of elements that are classical music, educational and fun. These performances are for all ages but are part of the Jackson Symphony’s Integrative Medicine Program created for children who have developmental challenges.

“What we have been seeing today at the library is actually really Mozart sung along with our collaboration with UT Martin and Dr. Mark Simmons,” said Peter Shannon, Jackson Symphony’s conductor and artistic director. “We are really proud of this. It is something that we do here at the library, but we have also done it at the Therapy and Learning Centers for children with physical and mental disabilities.”

Tuesday’s performance was during the regular children’s story hour and was open to the community. Over the past year, the program has been modified for audiences for all ages.

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