Off And On Showers today!

Weather Update:

Good Morning West Tennessee. We’re currently in a bit of a lull between waves of showers this morning. However, as expected it is mild and somewhat muggy. Temperatures are in the middle to upper 50s this morning. We can thank the expanding sub-tropical air mass for the spring-like couple of days. High temps today will top off in the middle 60s. With any sun today, we could be in the upper 60s as well. I may need to adjust the high temperatures for the Midday show. I’ll let the new hourly data/satellite trends help sway the forecast temperatures one way or the other. You’ll need the umbrella at times today though as I do expect showers to be off and on through the rest of the morning and afternoon. Eventually the main ridge axis should push far enough north and west. The main channel of moisture ends up farther northwest towards the Ohio Valley. That will happen more towards  this evening, leading to more sporadic showers.  I’ll be back later this morning will the next full check of the forecast at 11:30 AM on ABC 7 and again at Noon on CBS 7.

Storm Team Meteorologist
Moe Shamell
Twitter: @wbbj7moe

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