3 local restaurants cited for underage alcohol sales

JACKSON, Tenn. — Representatives from Flatiron Grille, Outback Steak House and Don Pancho Mexican Restaurant appeared Tuesday morning before the Beer Board. They all face charges of selling alcohol to minors.

The board follows a three-strike system for punishments.

“First time’s usually a fine or days that cost,” Beer Board member Charles Bray said. “The second time is more severe. It’s 30 days and the fine can be $3,000, and the third one is the worst one — they lose their license for a year.”

For Outback Steak House and Flatiron Grille, this was their first offense. If they pay the $1,500 fine within a week, they will be able to sell alcohol again.

This is Don Pancho’s second offense. They are now not allowed to sell alcohol for 30 days starting Tuesday.

We asked each restaurant about what happened, but they declined to comment.

Bray says they try to be reasonable with everyone who appears before them.

“We try to be fair with everybody if they’re fair with us. Then Jackson is a better place,” Bray said.

Only one member of the Beer Board was able to make it to the Tuesday meeting, so they had to postpone another restaurant getting a beer permit until Thursday.

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