Pre-K registration begins for Jackson-Madison Co. School System

JACKSON, Tenn. — Registration for the pre-kindergarten program of the Jackson-Madison County School System is officially under way.

The registration begins Tuesday, Feb. 20, and ends May 23.

To qualify for consideration in the program, students must be 4-years-old on or before Aug. 15, 2018, and must meet state mandated income and eligibility requirements, according to a release from the school system.

Parent must also complete an enrollment form online.

The school system also outlines the following guidelines:

Parents must provide the following documentation in person at Whitehall Pre-K at Nova:

Copy of current year’s physical and immunizations on the Tennessee Department of Health Certificate of Immunization.
– Must be signed on top right corner for the physical.
– Must be checked on the bottom left corner and signed on the bottom right corner for immunization.
– Blue cards or Health Department Immunization print outs cannot be accepted.

Copy of state certified birth certificate.  A mother’s copy or hospital copy cannot be accepted.

Copy of Social Security card or verification of social security number from Social Security Office.

Household income verification.  This can include: most recent check stub, most recent year’s tax return, public assistance case or SSI pay stub.

Three (3) proofs of residency in Jackson, Tenn., or Madison County, Tenn.  This can include: mortgage documents or property deed, apartment or home lease, utility bills, driver’s license, voter precinct identification or automobile registration.

All of the above documents must be submitted in person to Whitehall Pre-K at Nova *and* an enrollment form submitted online, in order for the application to be complete.  Whitehall Pre-K at Nova is located at 234 Bedford White Road, Jackson, TN 38305.  There will be computers available at Whitehall for parents to complete the online application form.

If you believe you do not meet the income requirements that allow students to qualify for free or reduced meals, there are four classes district-wide for which you can apply.  One is located at each of the following schools: Arlington, East, Isaac Lane and Rose Hill.  Please, inquire about this process when you come to Whitehall to apply.

For more information, including the enrollment form, visit the JMCSS website.

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