Woman describes being attacked by estranged boyfriend; police say she was hit with machete

HENDERSON,  Tenn. — “I don’t want to look at him,” Krystal Flowers said in court.

It was an emotional day for Flowers as she recounted the night she says Jerry Neal Wilson tried to kill her.

“I heard this noise, like something was running,” Flowers said.

Flowers says she and Wilson were dating and living together, but things went south in December when they got into a heated argument.

“He put me in a choke hold,” she said.

Police were called to the Christmas Eve incident and Wilson was charged with aggravated assault.

Flowers says she dropped the charges Jan. 9, just one day before she says Wilson came back to kill her.

“For the life of me I can’t understand,” Flowers said. “I dropped the charges against him the day before. I can’t understand why he would repay me by trying to kill me.”

Flowers describes the night of Jan. 10, saying she had just gotten home from work.

“I tried banging on the door, and the next thing you know I felt something hit me on the top of my head over and over, and I swear I thought it was a baseball bat,” Flowers said.

Flowers says Wilson, who still had a restraining order to stay away, continued to hit her with what police describe as a machete.

“I looked and I just saw my fingers dangling,” Flowers said. “I have a fountain of blood that kept pouring over me and over me into my eyes.”

Flowers was rushed to Nashville where she says doctors were able to save her fingers, but she says recovery is not easy.

“I can’t feed myself, I can’t wipe myself, I can’t clothe myself. I can’t do nothing,” Flowers said in tears.

When prosecutors asked Flowers to identify Mr. Wilson in the courtroom, her answer sent chills throughout the entire room.

“He’s right there wearing a jailhouse suit,” Flowers said, barely looking at the defendant. “One that he needs to be wearing from now until infinity.”

Wilson is charged with attempted first-degree murder. His case will now be bound over to the grand jury.

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