Community responds to man’s alleged threat to shoot up church

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. — The small town of Huron is not a place where many people would expect an alleged threat to shoot up a local church, but authorities say that’s exactly what happened.

Investigators say 35-year-old Daniel Toler was arrested Sunday in Clifton, accused of having explosives, weapons and ammunition in his car on prison property. Toler was a correctional officer there.

“But during the course of that, there were some concerns about some potential allegations that he may have made some threats here in Heron, Tennessee, of possibly being a threat to public safety,” said Michael Jones, a public information officer for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Investigators say Toler also allegedly told someone he planned to shoot up Emmanuel Baptist Church in his hometown of Heron.

TBI representatives say they’re still investigating how the suspect is connected to this local church and why he would want to harm members of the congregation.

Church members along with Pastor Mike Powell are not commenting on the incident, but the community says they have heard Toler, who they say attended service last Wednesday, has been struggling spiritually, allegedly asking for guidance.

Members of the community who did not want to be on camera say this situation has reminded them that dangerous threats aren’t just something they see on TV, but can even happen in their small town.

“Some threats to public safety, especially given the current climate that we’re in and recent things that have happened around the country, it’s obviously a concern for the public at large,” Jones said.

Community members say they don’t believe Toler had family at the church. They also say they didn’t know him to be angry with any particular members.

We tried to reach out to the Clifton Police Department Wednesday afternoon but were unable to reach a representative.

Toler is being held without bond at the Wayne County Jail.

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