South Elementary School held Black History Month program

South Elementary School had their black history month program Friday morning.

“In this black history program we’re gonna show the diversity we have here at this school,” Paulette Harvison, third grade teacher, said.

They focused on African American inventors. Students danced, sang songs and even dressed up as some of the inventors.

Kemora Edgeston, third grader, was dressed as Sarah Boone, the inventor of the ironing board.

“She said her invention was a highly effective device in our sleeves and bodies of ladies garments and the iron board is still used in homes today,” Edgeston said.

Teachers hope students realize that this isn’t something to celebrate just one day.

“No matter what race or color you are, we can still celebrate each other,” Harvison said.

Students at South Elementary weren’t the only ones celebrating Black History Month. Students here at Community Montessori took Black History Month to a whole new level with a living wax museum right here in their hallways.

“They have each taken someone from history, and they have dressed up as their character and have done research on their character,” Sarah Parrish, fourth-sixth grade teacher said.

The living wax museum is something commonly done at Montessori schools. It gives students a unique way to build on their presentation skills.

The figures ranged from Sojourner Weaver to Beyoncé.

“I’m Duratutulu, she’s an athlete from Ethiopia and she won gold medals,” Mary Kinsleynye, fourth grader, said.

“I am playing Michael Jordan, well, I didn’t know he was the first NBA billionaire so that’s what I know,” BJ Ballard, fourth grader, said.

All you had to do was step on their button and the figures came to life with a few facts about themselves.

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