Obion Co. residents clean up after severe storms rip through neighborhood

OBION COUNTY , Tenn. — After a long night of storms across West Tennessee, comes a long day of clean up for many in the area.

“This is something else, it’s gonna take a while to get cleaned up,” Obion County resident Bob Pellish said.

His community is left picking up the pieces after residents along Knox Daniel Road in Union City say a round of severe storms ripped roofs from houses and downed power lines.

“It sounded like a train running through the house, just a bad roar,” said John Pollock, who was home at the time of the storm.

“We jumped up and ran to the bathroom, and when we went in there and closed the door, it was over last about two minutes,” Pollock said.

Pollock later walked out of his house to find the top of his porch blown off.

“A lot of damage on the house, and a lot of damage in the back,” Pollock said.

As cars drive by and glace at the damage on Pellish’s property, he says he’s more concerned about the mobile home park down the street.

“The Red Cross was just here, and we told them that people down the road need them more than we do,” he said.

County Emergency Management Director Danny Jowers says at least seven structures are completely destroyed and twenty more damaged.

“Last night, there were lots of folks trapped in these houses, so it’s pretty amazing no one was killed,” Jowers said.

While the National Weather Service has the final call on what kind of storm it was, Jowers says it most likely was a tornado that caused the destruction.

“Obviously it a very wasn’t very wide tornado, but it was definitely very destructive where it hit,” Jowers said.

Even though repairs could take months , Pollock says he’s just thankful he’s alive.

“Thank the Lord we’re here to live to see another day,” he said.

Officials say the National Weather Service will assess the damage before they classify the type of storm that caused the destruction.

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