Spring-Like Today, But Showers And Storms Return Tonight

Weather Update:

Another sunny day on the way for West Tennessee. High pressure remains in control of the area tday, the High has shifted winds more out of the SEtoday, that will help warm us a bit today. We’ll likely rise into the 70s this afternoon. Pretty nice day overall. Clouds will increase later this evening though as a warm front takes shape spreading clouds back into the area around sunset. Eventually showers and perhaps a few storms will be possible. heavy rain will be the primary concern leading to additional flooding. NWS in Memphis has an Areal Flood Watch in effect for most of West Tennessee as a result of the expected rainfall… I’ll be back this afternoon with the latest data and updated forecast coming up on Midday on ABC 7 at 11:30 AM and at Noon on CBS 7.


Storm Team Meteorologist
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