As flooding recedes in Hardin Co., one community was almost under water

HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — Excessive rain across West Tennessee caused flash flooding, leaving one neighborhood under water.

“We had a family of nine that called 911 that said their house was flooding,” Hardin County Fire Chief Melvin Martin said.

Martin said crews got the call around 3 a.m on Cerro Gordo Road in Olivehill to the family’s home.

“So we responded with swift water team and our fire department,” Martin said. “We were able to safely rescue them. They did have about a foot of water inside the home.”

Resident Tori Barton said he heard his neighbors calling out.

“I get dressed, come outside, I’m hearing the neighbors yell for help,” Barton said.

Barton said that even emergency officials couldn’t get through easily.

“He stopped here right in front of the road because all of this was under water, everything,” Barton said. “The current was so fast that they didn’t even try going through, and they actually had to get a life boat.”

This community sits next to the Smith Fork Creek which occasionally floods, though Martin says the last major flood was back in 2010.

“We’ve seen larger ones, so they just have to be aware that this area does flood, and it will happen again,” Martin said.

He says there aren’t flooding concerns for most of Hardin County, but that doesn’t mean residents shouldn’t stay ready.

“If there’s a forecast for heavy rain, just be aware that creeks can rise rapidly,” Martin said.

Martin says most of the flooding has started to recede, but areas near the Tennessee River could still see more high waters.

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