Hardeman Co. under water as Hatchie River overflows

HARDEMAN COUNTY, Tenn. — Hardeman County officials say they haven’t seen water this high in their city, and they say the water is expected to keep rising.

“The water level is supposed to crest or reach 20 feet by Sunday,” Assistant Highway Superintendent Casey Swift said.

Residents in Hardeman County are trying to get to higher ground after days of heavy rain that are not just overflowing rivers but damaging roads as well.

“We still have a lot of roads that are washed out, and we are in the process of fixing those,” Swift said.

The Hardeman County Highway Department is responsible for over 670 miles of roads and more than 400 roads in the county.

“Always be safe. Don’t drown, turn around,” Swift said.

The Hatchie River is now overflowing into the yards of those living on River Road.

A church on Highway 64 looks like it sits by a lake as water creeps up to its back door.

“Even though you might be able to see the asphalt, the road underneath might be undermined, and you can’t tell. You drive across, and it might collapse on you,” Swift said.

Swift says his crews are out repairing several roads washed out by waters around the county.

“Part of the culvert has collapsed or part of the road kind of swirled around the pipe and pushed some of the loose gravel,” Swift said.

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News saw members of the Bolivar Fire Department out checking roads.

Bolivar Police Chief Pat Baker says they have several boats on standby to rescue people if needed.

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