Local family starts a no kill pig rescue called Happy Pig Farm

DYERSBURG, Tenn. — “Ever since I was a little boy, my dad raised pigs, so I’ve constantly been around them my whole life,” said James Carden, co-owner of Happy Pig Farm.

James and Rachel Carden say in their community, they’re known as the pig people. This is why they say people began coming to them for help with their pigs and even bringing pigs to them they could no longer care for.

“Big Momma, she came from a home that couldn’t really afford her and she was really thin. She was nothing but skin and bones when I first got her,” said Rachel Carden.

“You get a call one week, and you might get a call for two next week,” James said, “so before the end of the month, you might have 30 pigs.”

This inspired the family to start Happy Pig Farm, an organization that not only takes in potbelly pigs but also adopts them out to new owners, having found homes for around 150 pigs over the past two years.

“You have to know their vaccinations. You have to know what signs to look for in case they get sick. We’ll kind of help guide you through that,” Mr. Carden said.

The Cardens say when considering a pet, a potbelly pig is just as good as your average cat or dog.

“They get on a harness and just walk around with you. Sometimes they’ll carry you around,” said Jameson Carden.

The family says each pig has their own personality, and can even be taught to do tricks.

They say if you are interested in owning a potbelly of your own, it only cost about eleven dollars a week to feed them.

You cam learn more about adopting a potbelly pig or donating to Happy Pig Farm at https://www.facebook.com/happypig.farm.37

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