Urshawn Miller sentenced to death in murder of convenience store employee

JACKSON, Tenn. — A jury has unanimously decided the man convicted of killing a convenience store employee should be sentenced to death.

It was an emotional moment as family members of Urshawn Miller said their final goodbyes in court.

The jury deliberated around four hours before sentencing him to death on felony murder charges.

“The Dhalai family has suffered a great loss, and while nothing we do here will ever change that, we do think justice was served by this jury today,” District Attorney Gen. Jody Pickens said.

Investigators say when Miller attempted to rob Bull Market on Hollywood drive in Jackson, he shot and killed 24 year old Ahmad Dhalai who was working at the store.

After intense days of witness testimony and arguments from both sides, attorneys spoke to the jury for a final time before they went into their deliberations.

“He chose to pull the trigger once, he chose to pull the trigger the second time, striking the victim in the back of the head,” Pickens said.

Pickens brought up Miller was previously convicted on an aggravated robbery charge, and argued the death penalty was the only punishment to give peace to the Dhalai family.

But district public defender George Googe argued Miller was victimized before birth, saying results from forensic psychologists show he was abused and neglected growing up.

“He has mental disorders, there’s no question about it,” Googe said.

Googe said he will be filing a mandatory death penalty appeal.

“I’ve always felt symphany for both families, both families suffer in this kind of case,” he said.

Through the tears, Millers family they told the victim’s family they are sorry for their loss before walking out the door.

Urshawn Miller will be back in court on April 16 for a second sentencing on his remaining charges.

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