Allergy season begins with moderate pollen levels forecast this week

JACKSON, Tenn. — April showers bring May flowers, but so far March is bringing us the start of allergy season.

“A lot of our garden trees that have the showy blooms are not going to be the problem,” said Carol Reese.

The Ornamental Horticulture Specialist at the University of Tennessee Extension says that allergies vary per person but its not necessarily the flowers you see blooming that may be causing your allergies.

“What were seeing bloom right now are the trees and those are often wind pollinated,” said Reese. “What were going to see probably as the most aggravating pollen is going to be our Eastern Red Cedar.”

The above average temperatures and rain we had these last few weeks were able to help some plants bud early. Nurse Practitioner Deborah Leggett said she has been dealing with mostly allergy sufferers recently.

“The last couple of days we have started seeing a slow down in our flu and a transition to our allergy season,” said Leggett.

The increase of pollen may cause you to avoid going outside, but Legget said that it is better to treat the allergies right away.

“If your allergies are really bad you can talk to your primary care provider and see if they can suggest allergy testing so they can know the what the irritant is,” said Leggett.

Monday’s rain will help wash away some of the pollen but with the fair weather expected later this week, that will go up.

“The truth is march is very unpredictable and we cold have another cold snap and it could kill a lot of the flowers,” said Reese. “Our last frost is often in April.”

Pollen levels will be the highest Wednesday.  If you want to track how they will be for the rest of the week or the rest of the season, just look for the link in the “Seen on 7” section.