Man claims police handcuffed wrong guy while investigating armed robbery

JACKSON, Tenn — Jackson police are investigating an armed robbery at a local discount store. Residents said they thought police caught the suspect, but turns out the man who said officers were about to take him into custody, apparently had the wrong guy.

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News had a chance to speak with Xazavius Moore, who said police had him detained for a short time, Monday evening. He says the entire incident was just a huge misunderstanding.

Moore said he was headed to the gas station Monday evening when he saw police cars flying down Old Hickory Blvd., minutes later he said he got a call from his sister.

“I answer the phone and she’s like ‘I’m in the bathroom, I’m getting robbed, I can’t come out,” Xazavius Moore said.

Moore said he rushed to his car following police, who were headed in the direction of his house.

“I just hop behind all the police, as they running the light I’m running the light,” Moore said.

Moore said thinking his sister was in danger he bolted to their home on Breezewood Cove with a gun, ready to defend his family. To his surprise, no one was inside.

“I went in the house and I came back out the police thought I was just going in there trying to murder somebody they didn’t know I stayed here,” Moore said.

During the same time Jackson police were on scene investigating an armed robbery at a Family Dollar, less than a block away.

“Somebody was robbing the Family Dollar and come to find out my sister was inside the bathroom at the Family Dollar,” Moore said. “I ran inside the house she wasn’t there she had walked to the Family Dollar.”

Moore said officers patrolling the area immediately handcuffed him.

“He (officer) thought I was part of the robbery,” Moore said. “The investigators thought I was part of the robbery it was just a huge

Luckily no one was hurt. Moore said the incident was quickly resolved with police.

“I knew I didn’t do anything wrong,” Moore said. “My initial statement I’m like ‘John Q’. I don’t care. I’ll die protecting my family.”

Moore said police let him go with just a citation for reckless driving.

“I know I could have hurt somebody driving that fast but in my mind I was just thinking I have to get to my family,”

Moore said he was a bit shaken about the entire situation, but said he is just glad his family is okay. WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News spoke with Jackson police who confirmed the mix-up with Moore, Monday night, but would not comment further.

Investigators said the suspect ran away from the scene with an unknown amount of money.

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