Two suspects in two shootings appear in court

JACKSON, Tenn.— Zion Ross and James Hudson went before Judge Don Allen, Monday morning for a status update.

The judge read Hudson his charges from a shooting on East University Parkway last year.

“Voluntary manslaughter, tampering with evidence, employing a firearm during a dangerous felony,” Judge Allen said.

Zion Ross is facing charges from that shooting, as well as charges from a shooting on Raintree Cove just last month.

Officers responded to a shots fired call early on February 17. The victim, Darius Vaughn, 16, died in that shooting.

On Monday, the state had a Jackson Police Department investigator come and testify before the court about new charges that Ross is facing.

“Reckless homicide, criminal impersonation and juvenile possession of a firearm,” Investigator Joseph Williams told the court.

Ross had his bond revoked by the judge Monday for several reasons.
He told Judge Allen that his family had hired an attorney for him.

Hudson’s mother was in court Monday and told the judge they could no longer afford to pay for an attorney.

Both men will be back in court on March 12.

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