Family says 4-year-old boy recovering after car crashes through his room

JACKSON, Tenn. — Family members say a 4-year-old boy is recovering after a car crashed through his bedroom Monday night.

As drivers glance at the damage Tuesday morning at the house on North Royal Street in east Jackson, Marlow Yarbrough is busy sifting through what’s left of her home.

“It’s just devastating,” Yarbrough said. “I mean water everywhere. His room is gone. My bathroom is gone.”

Yarbrough says a car crashed into her house just before midnight, with her husband, daughter and 4-year-old grandson inside.

Investigators say the young boy was transported to a hospital in Memphis.

“I left work and went straight to be with my grandson at the hospital,” Yarbrough said.

Investigators say the car went through the kitchen and then the child’s bedroom, and he was found under a mattress.

As officers mark the path they believe the driver took, Mike Smith, whose company owns the property, says they are also searching for clues.

“What we’ve been told is a lady came over that hill and then lost control of the car and ended up running off into the road and into the house,” Smith said.

Many questions remain, but Yarbrough says what she does know is her home can be replaced but her family can’t.

“I’m just grateful and thankful that my grandson is still alive and still here today,” she said. “Because it could’ve been worse, but by the grace of God, he’s still here.”

Investigators on scene say the condition of the driver is unknown.

The cause is still under investigation.

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