Greenfield looking to make a splash in the state tournament

GREENFIELD, Tenn. — The Greenfield Lady Jackets have been on a tear this season only losing two games. They’re led by sophomores Chloe Moore and Tess Darby. Those two have helped lead the team to their first state tournament appearance in 12 years. Also helping along the way was their awesome student section according to head coach Willie Trevathan.

“Well it’s a lot of excitement, a lot of energy you know our kids have been wonderful through the tournaments, student sections have been outstanding, it just bleeds over into your hallways and school days and they’ve kind of been a morale booster for everyone I think,” Trevathan said.

Now while this trip to state is exciting itself, Trevathan knows his girls have unfinished business.

“Well we want to enjoy it but we don’t want to get caught up in the hype, we want to go focus on the game itself and continue to try and win and advance,” he said.

The Lady Jackets will take on Pickett County tomorrow at 4:30.