Jackson City Council votes down amendments to liquor zones

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson City Council was presented with an amendment to alter two of the liquor zones on Tuesday. These zones were drawn in 1972.

“I’m of the conservative opinion that the free market system and less regulation is not only good for business, but good for the city,” Councilman Ernest Brooks II said.

This is how two liquor store owners feel as well. They want the freedom to move around Jackson to give their businesses the best possible outcome.

“We don’t regulate grocery stores or any commercial business, telling them where they should go,” Brooks said.

But other councilmen feel the zones keep everything fair. They say the zones keep the stores distributed evenly around Jackson.

“If you change the line and open the market up, you’re going to have the problem where several stores are moving out north,” Councilman Johnny Dodd said.

Councilman Dodd also says that if you want the free market system, you need to truly open up the market.

“Why not open it up and do as many stores as you want to? That’s open to me,” Dodd said.

The council voted down the amendment Tuesday after almost an hour of discussion.

They did approve the first phase of widening F.E. Wright Drive as well as applying for a TVA grant for infrastructure at one of the industrial parks.

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